Grip Clean All-Natural Dog Wash, Heavy-Duty Dog Shampoo for Stinky, Dirty, & Smelly Dogs, Non-irritating, moisturizer

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All natural Coconut Oil and Olive Oil soap base deep cleans.
Bentonite clay absorbs odors from skin and fur.
Aloe Vera gel moisturizes dry sun burned skin.

✅ ALL NATURAL DOG SHAMPOO – This all-natural dog shampoo and conditioner uses absorbent Bentonite Clay combined with high concentrations of Coconut Oil + Olive Oil to deep clean tough odors and stains and moisturizes your puppy’s fur at the same time.
✅ FOR OUTDOOR DOGS – Our heavy duty formula was made explicitly for hard-working, smelly, outdoor dogs. If your dog loves camping, hunting, swimming, and rolling around in a lot of who-knows-what, then this dog wash is for them!
✅ ADDED VITAMINS AND MINERALS – When we say all natural, we mean it. Added vitamins include Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Rice Bran Oil, all of which work to deep clean as well as moisturize your hard-working dog’s fur.
✅RINSES EASILY – Product rinses easily in all hair types. Works on short hair and long-haired dogs. 100% biodegradable & hypoallergenic with no added sulfates or phosphates.
✅ 100% PREMIUM QUALITY – If you don’t love Grip Clean, we will give you a full refund. Support American made small business. Leave all the fruity-tooty shampoos for poodles & show dogs. Don’t let your dog becomes the “smelly dog” on the block. ADD TO CART NOW.

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