Le Glue Temporary Glue – Non-Permanent Adhesive for Plastic Building Blocks, No More Messy Break-Ups – Safe, Non-Toxic Formula – As Seen on Shark Tank, Created for Kids, by a Kid

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No More Messy Breakups – Enjoy your building masterpieces for longer with Le-Glue, the non-permanent glue that holds your building blocks together — but not forever. Safe for use with all building blocks, including Lego, Mega Blocks and Nano Blocks
Design and Build Like a Pro – Our patented formula makes blocks stick together 12 times stronger, meaning the young (and young at heart) can enjoy playtime without their creations falling apart. Ideal for competitive brick building. Made in the USA, leaves no residue
Non-Permanent – Although our adhesive is super strong, it’s also releasable and temporary. Simply place blocks in warm water and pull apart when you’re ready to rebuild. Our non-toxic formula is solvent-free and made from all-natural ingredients

Keep Kids Happy with Easy to Use Temporary Brick Glue – No More Messy Break-Ups! – Cleans Up Easily
The Only Non-Permanent Glue Designed Specifically for Brick Building. Won’t Damage Bricks, Saves Replacement Costs
Holds Bricks 10x Stronger – Easily Dissolves in Warm Water, Leaves No Residue
Made In The USA – Non-Toxic – Natural Ingredients – Bitter Taste Added For Child Safety
Design and Build Like a Professional – Perfect For Competitive Brick Building or Model Making



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