The Businesses and Products from Season 11, Episode 10 of Shark Tank

A mother-daughter duo from Atlanta, Georgia, introduce the Sharks to their baby product that makes baby-travel less stressful by helping them sleep more restful this week on Shark Tank. An entrepreneur from Mount Pleasant, Utah, introduces his cold-weather clothing line that keeps you warm, even when wet. While entrepreneurs from Happy Valley, Oregon, hope their portable transportation device will become the next multimillion-dollar hit. Finally, an entrepreneur from South Murrysville, Pennsylvania, pitches his genius innovation in window screens.


Barbara Corcoran
Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner

Robert Herjavec
Kevin O’Leary


Lou and Katy of SlumberPod created a product that makes traveling with young children less stressful and more restful. Built with safety in mind, SlumberPod is a patent-pending, quick-assembly privacy pod that completely encloses a play yard or toddler cot — providing a dark and private place environment for your baby or toddler to sleep.  

Fortress Clothing

Fortress Clothing is THE ANSWER to Winter Cold! Fortress has a patented apparel insulation that allows anyone to be WARM in the Cold with fewer of NO additional layers, warm-even if WET. We offer insulated base layers, mid-layers, vest, parkas, hoodies, mittens and gloves. Fortress = Warm to the Core!

Zuum Technologies

ZUUM Shoes are fully electric self-balancing skates designed as an easy and fun way to ride around. The fireproof, kid friendly design allows for hours of entertainment! ZUUM Shoes are compact and lightweight, making them the most portable electric transportation device ever made. Where will you ZUUM?


During his 20+ years in the window industry, FlexScreen inventor and CEO, Joe Altieri, recognized the inherent problems with traditional window screens and dealt personally with constant customer frustrations. He knew there had to be a better way, so he set up shop in his garage and got to work. After years of trial and error, FlexScreen, the world’s first and only flexible window screen, was born. Since its introduction into the marketplace, FlexScreen has gained international attention and earned multiple awards, including Window and Door Magazine’s Crystal Achievement Award – Most Innovative Window Product, and Door and Window Market Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award – Favorite Window Product three years in a row. A paradigm-shifting product, FlexScreen is revolutionizing the window industry.