The Businesses and Products from Season 11, Episode 19 of Shark Tank

This week on Shark Tank, an entrepreneur from Madison, Wisconsin, asks the Sharks for a lot of cheddar, hoping he hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew, as he goes all in on his state’s staple food. Can best friends from Los Angeles, California, convince the Sharks to invest in their energy product which keeps people awake and alert on the go? Moms from Evanston, Illinois, try to sell the Sharks on the business of slime with their play-driven environment for kids. Finally, a family of entrepreneurs from Okarche, Oklahoma, pitch their garden product designed to keep homes pest-free without risking harm to those inside


Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner
Robert Herjavec
Daniel Lubetzky 

Kevin O’Leary

Just the Cheese

Specialty Cheese Company is a family-owned cheese manufacturer, based in Reeseville, WI (pop ~700). Mom and Dad run the fresh cheese operation, and the Son and his Wife run Just The Cheese® business. Product was originally invented from the idea that the best part of a grilled cheese sandwich is what melts off in the pan. Since we are a bunch of cheesemakers, we wanted to make that into a product, and here we are! We make the cheese ourselves, shred it, bake it, and pack it, and that is it!


At Neuro, we get the mental game and how it’s played. That’s why we create products to help shift your mindset with ease and flow. Our refreshing gum and mints are shortcuts to the ideal state of mind, delivering just the right amount of what you need to energize, calm, and focus your mind in the moment. No matter what you’re up to in life, it all starts with the mind. Neuro is in your pocket and in your corner so you can feel your best and do more.

Seriously Slime

Seriously Slime was created by two women who had become a bit baffled by their children’s love of slime making.  While they could appreciate the creative magic and the simple satisfaction that slime making brought to their kids (away from a screen), that joy and satisfaction was often overshadowed by the frustration they felt over the mess or anxiety it created when “slime went wrong”.  So they decided to cultivate a fun and play-driven environment and product line allowing kids to experiment with slime using the best recipes, products and toppings to make the very best custom slime. Our mission is simple, to put more joy into the world one bowl of slime at a time. To all of the parents out there who are inundated with their children’s constant requests to experiment with this messy craze, consider the Seriously Slime mantra and just LET THEM MAKE SLIME! Seriously Slime is growing with opportunities to open pop-up’s, mall kiosks and mobile party territories. Seriously Slime DIY custom slime kits and the monthly slime club give you exclusive access to the Seriously Slime experience.

First Saturday Lime

First Saturday Lime is an eco-friendly, monthly insect repellent.  Its patent pending formula dries out insects, their eggs, larvae and even odor causing bacteria.  Used by homeowners for fleas and ticks, backyard farmers for mites and lice, as well as the cannabis industry, this revolutionary product will change the way we fight pests while protecting the environment.