The Businesses and Products from Season 11, Episode 21 of Shark Tank

This week on Shark Tank, a mother and daughter from Houston, Texas, demonstrate their portable gadget designed as a solution to safely and quickly get children in and out of a car. A tech-savvy trio from San Francisco, California, pitches their lower-cost computer for kids to make technology accessible to more people. Another entrepreneur from San Francisco tries to sell the Sharks on a data-driven approach to personalized skincare with her product line. A computer scientist and engineer from Columbia, South Carolina, shares a device created to bring a robot revolution to children’s education.

Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner
Daymond John

Kevin O’Leary
Anne Wojcicki

Unbuckle Me

UnbuckleMe is the original, patented tool that uses leverage to reduce force needed to unbuckle a child’s car seat. It’s an essential safety tool for anyone who struggles with car seat buckles, from grandparents with arthritis to moms with long fingernails! It was invented by a mother/daughter from Houston, TX.


Tanoshi is an Oakland-based tech company that’s on a mission to provide an equitable digital education for all kids. In 2018, Tanoshi entered the U.S. retail market with its first product, the Tanoshi 2-in-1 Kids Computer – an affordable, pre-teen computer with pre-loaded curated content so that kids can do their digital homework as well as learn to code. Tanoshi’s next-generation product, the Tanoshi Scholar, will launch in 2020.

Proven Skincare

PROVEN creates personalized skin care formulations that are tailored to a person’s gene expression, environment, lifestyle and skin concerns. Our formulations are created by Stanford scientists using cutting edge ingredients, and are clean, non-toxic and made in the USA. You simply take a 3-minute skin quiz on our website to begin.

Vän Robotics

Vän Robotics is revolutionizing student learning with the power of AI and robotics. We developed ABii the robot tutor because we believe in investing in our children’s future. Our robots are designed to be friendly, fun and soundly educational. They are the perfect addition to the K-5 classroom or a great learning facilitator in the home! Teachers and parents alike are raving about ABii and her friends!