The Businesses and Products from Season 11, Episode 22 of Shark Tank

This week on Shark Tank, a pair of entrepreneurs from Mesa, Arizona, hope to sell millennials on a modern version of a fading fashion trend for men. An eccentric crafter from Nevada City, California, pitches the Sharks on investing in his far-out textiles brand. A father from North Hollywood, California, showcases his clothing design which helps to comfortably bring dads and their babies closer together, while a husband and wife from Exeter, Missouri, have a solution to one of childhood’s messiest milestones.

Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner
Daymond John

Kevin O’Leary
Robert Herjavec

Tough Tie

Men’s ties have remained unchanged and terrible for far too long—nearly impossible to clean, easy to wrinkle, and if you happen to spill on them, game over. At Tough Apparel, we imagined what a better tie would look and feel like, and then we made it happen. Our modern men’s ties are liquid repellent, so most spills will fall right off instead of soaking in. If something penetrates the liquid repellent barrier, just toss it into the washing machine—it’s that simple. Glasses wearer? You’ll love the microfiber tip, which is perfect for quickly wiping your lenses without worrying about scratches. At Tough Apparel, we create stylish accessories for the modern man.

Lord von Schmitt

Lord von Schmitt is a high fashion brand dedicated to taking crochet one step further than you ever imagined possible.  Designer Schuyler Ellers incorporates the mind-melting patterns and vibrant colors of 1970’s era crochet blankets into fun and comfortable fashion designs.  With an imaginative assortment of items to choose from—chaps to onesies to parasols!!!—Lord von Schmitt is ready to kick off the next big fashion trend: crochet!!


DadWare makes high quality, skin to skin bonding shirts for the new Dad! Because fathers so often don’t participate in critical Kangaroo Care with their newborns and infants, we invented the newly patented DadWare Bondaroo which features a flap that opens to expose the chest for skin to skin bonding with infants!

Potty Safe

Potty Safe is the first and only child’s potty-training chair that features a child proof latch that secures the waste bowl to the base so that kids cannot remove it and make a mess.  It’s unique design still allows parents to remove the waste bowl for easy cleaning. Potty Safe was designed by a husband and wife team who were frustrated with having to clean up messy spills during potty training that were caused when their daughter would remove the waste bowl.  When they couldn’t find a product on the market that would solve their problem, they took matters into their own hands and created Potty Safe.  This innovative potty chair offers parents everywhere a No Mess, Less stress approach to potty training.